logo The Honeynet Project Annual Workshop 2024
Copenhagen, Denmark — May 27th–29th, 2024


Business Tickets

You should choose a business ticket if your company pays for your ticket. You will receive an invoice for your accounting department immediately after we have received your payment.

Super Early Bird Rate
Early Bird Rate
Full Rate
(May 27th)
DKK 1,300
~ €170
(May 28th‐29th)
DKK 5,600
~ €740
DKK 6,000
~ €800
DKK 6,300
~ €840
Full Event
(Briefings and Trainings)
DKK 6,700
~ €890
DKK 7,100
~ €940
DKK 7,400
~ €980

Individual Tickets

These tickets are intended for you if you are buying as an individual person. If your employer pays for your ticket, please consider buying one of the Business Tickets above.

Reduced Rate
(limited availability)
(May 27th, including Social Dinner)
DKK 750
~ €100
(May 28th‐29th)
DKK 3,500
~ €460
Full Event
(Briefings and Trainings)
DKK 3,800
~ €500

Student Tickets

We don't think a limited budget should keep you from coming to The Honeynet Project Workshop, so we have done away with expensive student rates. Pleae check this page in a few weeks for student scholarships.